In Bali villa with amazing pool and delicious food

Bali an Indonesian island nine-foot beaches temples jungles monkeys delicious food if you watched my previous blog you would have seen this stunning Villa if you didn’t go back and check it out but right now we’re on our way to another villa and I hear it has a very interesting port.

Like you said I’m so okay let’s check out the master bedroom Villa Astor is a five bedroom villa this is the master bedroom and there are two the other is a mirror image of this one the master rooms are surrounded by plunge pools step outside the sliding doors and you find yourself in a semi outdoor tropical bathroom with a huge marble bath I’ve never seen so many rose petals surrounded by tropical plants you can almost feel like you’re in a jungle I love the attention to detail here have a look how creative these napkin folds are for dinner we had a chicken noodle soup followed by fried rice with chicken egg and crackers.

Breakfast my favorite part of the day there’s battery pastries fresh bread fresh fruit freshly squeezed orange juice today we are having a healthy breakfast oats with mango and strawberries hi everyone I’m here today on this beautiful day Bali and we’re at Villa a star where chef eka is gonna cook for us some traditional Balinese dishes can you tell us a little bit about them – well today we balanced food for the petitioner we have subtly lit and put the mine cart where for our purpose and Felicia we have a black rice picket Budi Wow okay I look for to that it’s go in the kitchen and check it out first we make like a nap it’s a basic Balinese spice mix with slight variations this one is made with shallots garlic lemongrass Bailey Marlin hot chili galangal ginger and turmeric just doing a very rough chop first Outland ingredients are placed in a blender and blended into a coarse mix it’s added to a pan with a little coconut oil and then cooked into a paste for the satay lilit we use kaffir lime our sugar minced pork shrimp paste coconut cream and lemongrass sticks in a mixing bowl the pork is added along with all the ingredients including the bass aghanim it’s mixed and then wrapped around the actual lemongrass states they are then fried in coconut oil until golden brown, the lemongrass deked act as a great handle but they also infuse the meat with that beautiful lemony aroma another great idea.

A 30-second walk and you find yourself surrounded by many great restaurants this cafes shops a day spa even a liquor shop if you’re thirsty if you want to hit the beach it’s a short walk down the street so no driving required you walk back to your villa and it’s simply another world they’ll even make cocktails here which is something you don’t often see in villas [Music] and for dinner we had crispy shrimp wontons and a creamy Indonesian chicken curry with the serve of rice.

Towson’s lady with us should jump from there alone it looks like a jumping tower ready to get up there essentially a seat I’m not sure but I’ll go off inevitable, or mine it’s a lot higher from here, tuna in banana leaves ingredients onion tomato our least spiced tuna coconut cream and lemon basil the tuna is sliced and placed in a mixing bowl along with the ingredients seasoning coconut cream and of course the Basara nap it’s mixed until nicely coated the tune is rolled inside the banana lips with the ingredients it’s tied with a toothpick on each side it’s placed in a steamer and cooked for 25 minutes for the vegetables some garlic is fried hot and mild chili tomato and shrimp paste the chili mixture is blended ready for later the water spinach is blanched in water the chili mixture is fried in coconut oil a griddle pan is heated with some oil and the wrap tuna pieces are cooked over a smoky grill the water spinach is cooked and mixed in with the chili mixture time to plate out, if you look over the fence you’ll find villa asta right next door to a rice field when you see an outside toilet this fancy you know you’re in a good place.

Now let me show you the other Villa bedrooms each room has a walk-in wardrobe plus a semi outdoor garden our suite complete with a soothing sound of traditional style water features the rooms are themed in different colors so take a peek, wake up with a view through these large sliding doors and windows looking over the terrace when you come to Bali you’re an instant millionaire those of these numbers when shopping here in Bali it’s common practice to barter or haggle for a cheaper price now you won’t find price tags so shop around first just to get a feel of prices some merchants will inflate the price up to five hundred percent and it can feel a little awkward at times because as a shopper you want a bargain but at the same time you feel for them and you want them to make a reasonable profit so smile play the game and everyone’s a winner and now for black rice pudding for the ingredients we have diced jackfruit and palm sugar black rice white rice cinnamon and an leaves and coconut cream water is brought to the boil and the black rice is added first then the cinnamon and n leaves and the white rice it’s cooked for around 30 minutes the palm sugar is placed in a saucepan with a little water once the sugar has dissolved the jackfruit is poached in the sugar syrup with some coconut cream, it’s served in a glass topped with coconut cream and garnished with pandan leaves I’m now tasting these traditional balinese cakes this one is made with pandan it has palm sugar on the inside and once steamed it turns to a liquid giving you a runny center just like that ideally you place the whole thing in your mouth then bite into it these ones are like a mini coconut rice pudding you dip them in sugar syrup this is another type of black rice pudding and has a jelly-like substance made with corn flour and pandan leaves you can also give the fish a fee.

Upstairs you’ll find an open games room with the last TV computer a huge lounge area and a billiard table this table tennis even a kitchenette downstairs you’ll also find a badminton carrier sadly all good things must come to an end thank you very much right yeah for sure yes it’s been a fantastic pleasurable experience that we come here so highly recommend it to thanks guys thank you thank you bye bye bye bye bye guys luckily for us it’s not quite the end of the trip just yet all right make sure you watch my next Bali tasty travel and see this amazing jungle villa and more Balinese food.