Florida Villas & Homes

How many of you accidentally wrote 20:18 on your paper today hey guys and welcome back to my channel so you guys it feels so good to be back I missed you all so much if you guys don’t know my family and I we went to Kissimmee Florida for Christmas this year and you guys I liked it so much better before I actually learned how to pronounce it actually custom me instead of Kissimmee I love kissing me so much better I just think it’s so much cuter if you ask me yeah now I am back in good old Michigan where it’s cold hits the reason that I have on this sweatshirt because it’s like denial acceptance denial like something so I figured this will be the perfect thing to wear puzzling up on my handy-dandy hat because it is freezing outside you guys if I was not doing this video I would not even be able to wear it this sweatshirt out because it is that cold and we have a winter weather advisory a turn so but with that being said you guys got a little sneak peek of our house that we stayed at while we were there and you guys it was so beautiful I felt like I was on an episode of MTV Cribs every single day we loved it so much you guys that we are already about to be staying there again next Christmas so we’ve already started planning for next year but before that obviously I want to show you guys what it looks like in the inside and I will be so fun to not only do a tour with you guys we kind of might do a walk through I’m just gonna be able to through this vicariously with you guys again because I just miss it them before we get started to give you our brand-new I would love if you became part of a family by hitting that subscribe button also if you are someone who is not already following me on my social medias please go ahead and do so but that means that you guys look go ahead and take a tour in the beautiful house that we say that and when I was on my physic slash vacation to kissimmee order.

When you first watch and you guys this hallway is absolutely beautiful I just from the beginning when I walked it was like oh my gosh I need to live here now we have the kitchen area when you first walk in you’ll be able to go straight to that so you’ll see like a little family room part where you can sit with the couches and the huge TV in love we’re gonna have to get this curved TV very very soon like Chris and I were looking at it before we went out of the vacation but now we have to have it it’s nice when I’m showing you guys the one that is downstairs in that little kiddy corner where do you saw when you first look through the hallway it is so ignite I’d love to help it was blue like every room pretty much had their own theme so this one had more like a tropical feel to it there is the Mirage area so I am taking you guys through the garage right now which was so cool because this was our gaming area legit the whole week so we played pool in the console there was a washer and dryer in there so that’s what we use throughout the week to wash our clothes down for the next bedroom or when it comes to the downstairs area after you go through the hallway and you pass the family room with the TV and area you didn’t have I believe this was consent the master bedroom and you could open the side door to the outdoor personal pool every room he had their own bathroom you guys out the best part this area was pretty much where we lived throughout the whole week if we weren’t out doing something this was our area right here.

Oh what my goodness it was so beautiful so we didn’t have our own personal pool that we could just open up the main door to it and you were just right there there although an outlet so I was able to like edit videos while was outside just chilling at nighttime like it was I would say around at the most six feet for the deep in and then towards more down when you first stepped in it was maybe three feet it was so nice and I was so impressed with how much we didn’t have to deal with bugs because it was totally knitted up three rooms also upstairs you guys and it’s just amazing and I swear every room was just so peaceful even though there were three upstairs like you didn’t hear people in their bedrooms so it was really nice to be able to have that privacy peace about there is a bookshop there’s a refrigerator in this room that you see right here on the side is I would say more of like one if you had kids they had two twin beds on the bathrooms do join together for this one in another one bedrooms that don’t have their own separate again very ideal for parents who have kids throughout the nighttime you’d be able to go through the bathroom and then this last room that I’m showing you guys is the one that Chris and I stay it was absolutely beautiful yes we were in love with this room like I did not want to leave like it was so hard wanting to do things outside of the house because the house was just so nice on his own whatever.

I definitely was the shower because it was so spacious oh my goodness you guys but yeah our bathroom was so beautiful that is our house everything at you guys over Christmas break I hope you guys enjoy the beautifulness of this house like we did because we had a bob to say we had fun but you would already be the biggest understatement of the year and it just what is this like day day – I’m so glad that I was able to share with you and welcome you inside the house take a look at it because a lot of you been asking me all week like let’s see it lets see a toy we can’t wait to see the tour so they’re even happy and I hope you guys enjoy it if you did make sure you give me one big thumbs up also make sure you guys have been proud of the brave family by hitting that subscribe button again happy new year I cannot believe we are about to share and another fantastic year together I am so excited for the new content new filming equipment and the clarity of the videos and just making things so much more special for you by the way that you make things for me so I love you very much and I’ll be talking to you guys again tomorrow Bob I’m actually gonna be putting up my day at Disney a spring so you guys be excited about that yeah I’ll be up tomorrow so I love you guys very much and I will talk to my favorite.