Pescator Villas and historically considerable Lake Tuusula

Did you know that Lake Tuusula which is located about 30 kms from Helsinki city center the moment gathered together some of the most well-known Finnish artists, poets, authors, and composers?

We started exploring Lake Tuusula by visiting a new accommodation place generally known as Pescator Villas. These unique, high-class rental villas are situated using a lake called Tuusulanjärvi (Lake Tuusula in English) – only 30 minutes from Helsinki city center. These kinds of apartments are architecturally incredible!

We all entered into a high ceiling room together with massive windows and saw the specific beautiful clear view to the water from one of the Villas. The decorative details are perfect for the different places in the house, and the view of the water looks like a painting.

We were warmly welcomed in by the Manager Krista Lahti (on left) of Pescator Villas and her colleague Krista-Mari Katajisto who both were pumped up about the possibilities these villas could give different kinds of customer groups. You can find traditional places to visit and nice actions to do by Lake Tuusula.

These types of apartments have everything you can need while visiting and remaining within Finland! There are beds for 11–13 people in each Villa. Every single Villa has been named in Finnish after different fish species.

Krista Lahti told us that people in many cases are stunned by the villas and the special atmosphere they have. She mentioned the where one customer even emerged and hugged her because the lady was so happy that they acquired found this amazing accommodation!

These huge apartments would be absolutely perfect for a pal or family gathering: the houses include modern luxuries such as a hot tub, saunas, washer, dryer, and TV with amazing sound and also a modern kitchen with all the appliances you can perhaps need.

We were told that customers can also use the catering services as well as order a basket full of specific treats from a nearby bakery when they no longer want to cook by themselves!

Although you more than likely would enjoy your time simply by having a good time inside these beautiful homes through enjoying the view, you must also become familiar with the surrounding area. Lake Tuusula region is full of activities to perform plus historical sites to see! All of us do!

Near Pescator Villas the particular captivating Finnish nature is also right now there to take pleasure from. All of this is closer compared to you may think from Helsinki Airport! The street making the rounds the river is about 20 kilometres in length.

Have a free bike on the Villas, trip around the lake plus visit fascinating locations! There are a lot of nice activities to pick from. You can rent SUP boards plus play tennis with Hotel Gustavelund, play golf or even minigolf with Tuusula’s Golf Club or even rent the roaring boat to learn the river! There are also multiple dining places surrounding River Tuusula.

The traveling is now produced very easy thanks to Go to Lake Tuusula Hop-On Hop-Off Tour bus that goes from Järvenpää town center in order to Lake Tuusula simply for 5 € a day. Children beneath the age sixteen and Museum Credit card holders have the ability to come for free.

The particular bus trip is available from fifteenth of Might to the 31st associated with August 2018 from Tuesday in order to Sunday. In order to Järvenpää you can find train from Helsinki city middle.

We all went and visited numerous areas and learned a lot about the Finnish history. We listed some of the traditional places we think are worth likely to:

Artist Pekka Halonen’s home in addition poet J. H. Erkko’s

Lake Tuusula is known for the inspiration a lot of well-known Finnish artists especially in the overdue 1800s and early 1900s might get from the beautiful views as well as the relaxing nature. Visit these traditional locations and museums that really get back together along with you in time. All of these sites are quite close to each other so you can just walk and even ride a bike from place to another.

Artist Pekka Halonen (1865–1933) was specifically interested in painting the specific Finnish winter views. Poet L. H. Erkko’s (1849–1906) home which is located a few kilometres from Halonen’s home was designed by Pekka Halonen.

From Pekka Halonen’s home in addition atelier we were able to see the city silhouette of Järvenpää on the other side through the lake. Near Halonen’s home which possibility to rent a ship. The first hour of renting costs only 7, 50 €! Pekka Halonen’s home and J. L. Erkko’s home are now museums.


The exhibition tells about the living of author Juhani Aho, designer Venny Soldan-Brodfeldt, and their household. Photos: LikeFinland. com/Johanna Hurtig

Juhani Aho (1861–1921) was a Finnish author and journalist. He was identified also in Europe and had been nominated 12 times for the Nobel prize in literature.

We were brought through Aho’s home by instructions Maria Tukia and Topias Ahola who told us that Aho and his wife, artist Venny Soldan-Brodfeldt, met in Kuopio when the lady was painting a portrait from the well-known Finnish women’s rights activist Minna Canth.

It kind of sounds like everyone during that time knew each other!


At the historic Kallio-Kuninkala area there are multiple buildings and stunning surrounding Finnish countryside views. Throughout the summer there can also be found a restaurant!

Pekka Laitinen’s said that his mom proved helpful as a cook for musicians for example Sibelius who also resided close to the lake. As a young son Laitinen had the opportunity to help Blue jean Sibelius’ wife Aino Sibelius which resided at home near Lake Tuusula till the day she died.


Today the home of the well-known Finnish writer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957) great loved ones is a museum that is open up throughout the summer months.

We explored in the quite unique house and the backyard. Additionally there is a modern cafe within the same great deal. We noticed that the house of the famous composer is a popular visitor attraction currently at the beginning of May.

Lotta Svärd’s art gallery

There were women known as lottas which for their part assisted Finnish individuals to get by throughout the World War second. This art gallery is dedicated for your amazing function these women several did intended for Finland. There is also lunchtime served as well as the views are once more very lovely to the lake through the massive azure museum building!